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How long do we stay in our homes? 23 November 2023

* People move more often than they expect to, one of the findings revealed in the recently released Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey.

* While just 23% of home movers expect to move within the next six years, the reality is that one third are likely to.... Read More

Reasons For Renting 23 November 2023

* According to The Property Academy Renter Survey 2023, over a third of renters rent because they don"t have the deposit to buy a home.

* However not everyone wants to buy. A substantial 27% of renters were renting out of choice over necessity, with 37% of renters planning to continue renting for 2 years or more.... Read More

The importance of community 16 November 2023

* World Kindness Day, celebrated annually in November, is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all forms, uniting people in kindness globally.

* Helping and meeting people and making friends are important in forming communities, a key consideration for renters.... Read More

First-time buyer funding 08 November 2023

* The average deposit paid by a first-time buyer was £43,693. Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost two-thirds (63%) were in the top 40% income bracket.

* Just over two thirds (68%) of first-time buyers paid less than a 20% deposit, while a fortunate 5% were mortgage-free.... Read More

Rocketing up: new-build developments 03 November 2023

* Against a backdrop of housing undersupply, some areas are rocketing up in their new building development.

* Newham, undergoing regeneration, leads the rankings with 2,080 dwellings started in 2022–2023 and 1,490 completed in the same time frame.... Read More

Scary street names don`t spook buyers 29 October 2023

* Halloween is big business and the UK is projected to spend over £1bn with more than 56% of the population taking part in the fun. Gen Z is expected to spend the most with 87% planning to spend £46 each.

* Some places are spookier than others and fortunately, scary names haven"t put buyers off in those places.... Read More

EPC essentials: `Watt` you need to know 12 October 2023

* The regulation to require all newly rented properties to have an EPC rating of at least C by 2025 has been scrapped.

* However, four out of every five landlords have already taken steps to ensure compliance, and nearly half of them have invested between £500 and £20,000 on improving or investing in their property over the last year.... Read More

More renters are small business owners 06 October 2023

* Newly released data from the 2021 census shows that there were significant changes in the make-up of people living in the private rental sector in the last decade.

* There was a 17% jump in the proportion of private sector renters working in higher managerial and professional occupations, and today they make up almost one in six.... Read More

More Mortgage Choices 20 September 2023

* The number of mortgage products available has risen to 5,338, its highest level since February 2022, and more than double the availability seen in October 2022.

* The average shelf life of a mortgage deal has stabilised, increasing to 15 days, up from lows of 12 days in July.... Read More

Mind The Gap 15 September 2023

* High costs of borrowing mean buyers are being cautious, one of the reasons why seven in ten agents are saying that it is now a buyer"s market.

* Buyers with a reluctance to overstretch are coming up against optimistic sellers, resulting in a growing disconnect between buyer and seller expectations.... Read More

Changing level of homeownership among young adults 06 September 2023

* Well under half of today"s young adults own their own home (41% of those aged 25–34). Although this has not changed much in the last decade, it was very different for their parents" generation.

* 30 years ago, two thirds (66%) of 25 to 34-year-olds had bought their own home.... Read More

Only 24% of second homes are used solely for that purpose 30 August 2023

* Latest data from the English Housing Survey reveals that there are 3.3 million second homes. Of that, the vast majority are rented out (69%).

* A small portion are second homes which are due to be rented out or sold shortly (6%) and a very small slice are used by student children (just 1%).... Read More