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£750 Million Less In Stamp Duty 12 October 2019

* At £8.32 billion, Treasury coffers netted £750 million less in residential SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) receipts across England in the financial year to the end of April, compared to 2017/18. This is despite just 16,000 fewer transactions taking place.... Read More

How Do You Say? 09 October 2019

* The top 10 most mispronounced place names in the UK have been revealed by the creators of language app Babbel.

* Frome in Somerset, most commonly pronounced as rhyming with ‘home", tops the list, average property prices here are just over the UK average.... Read More

Strong Growth In Lifetime Mortgages 04 October 2019

* Older homeowners are increasingly accessing wealth from their properties through equity release. In 2018, 50p of housing wealth was unlocked for every £1 of flexible pension payment, highlighting the role of property wealth to finance later living.

* The lifetime mortgage market saw the biggest annual increase in new loans compared to other mortgage market sectors for the 3rd consecutive year.... Read More

Property Mark Protected. Can Your Agent Say the Same? 08 August 2019

Did Your Know Shaun Mellor Property are proud to tell you we are members of ARLA property mark protected? This means we meet higher industry standards than the law demands. Our experts undertake regular training to ensure they are up to date with best practice and complex legislative changes so they can offer you the best advice.... Read More

The Million Pound Market 07 August 2019

* There were 14,794 homes sold across England and Wales in the past 12 months priced at £1 million or more. This equates to just 1.7% of all sales, and just under £26 billion in value.

* As in previous years, the tally of properties selling at or above the £1 million threshold was greatest in London, where over half (59%) of all £1m+ homes sold in the past year.... Read More

Why Do Existing Home Owners Move House? 02 August 2019

* Over half a million households living in owner occupied homes are expecting to move to a new home within the next six months, accounting for 3.7% of homeowners. This is according to the latest data released by the English Housing Survey for 2017/18.... Read More

What to buy as an investment, a flat or a house? 19 July 2019

* Across England and Wales so far in 2019, renters paid 55% more per square foot to live in a flat over a terraced house, while buyers paid a 50% premium.

* Price on a square foot basis has been widely used in the sales market for many years.... Read More

One Giant Step For House Prices 18 July 2019

* On 20th July, the world will commemorate 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took those legendary first steps on the moon.

* The world has changed somewhat over that time. 50 years ago, British tennis player, Ann Jones, had just won Wimbledon, England were world football champions and The Rolling Stones were number 1 in the charts.... Read More

New Homes By Property Type 13 July 2019

* Back in 2008/09, almost half (45%) of homes built in the year across England and Wales were flats, with the majority of these having two bedrooms. The shift in government policy a number of years earlier had resulted in higher density housing on brownfield and urban sites.... Read More

New Build Premiums Continue To Rise 05 July 2019

* Since 2010, the differential in price for newly built homes compared to second-hand properties has steadily widened. In 2018, new properties sold, on average, for 26% more than second-hand properties, compared to a differential of just 17% in 2010.

* The average price of a new build property sold across England and Wales in 2018 was just below £300,000, £60,500 more than the average price of a second-hand property.... Read More

The Bank Of Mum & Dad 04 July 2019

* At £6.3 billion, the total value of lending in 2019 by the so-called ‘bank of Mum and Dad" is set to be half a billion higher than in 2018, making it the UK"s 11th largest mortgage lender. 77% of lending is to home movers, not first-time buyers.

* The bank of Mum and Dad is expected to contribute to 259,400 property purchases this year, a 20% fall on 2018, yet their average contribution of £24,100 is up £6,000 on a year ago, double the increase in the UK house price (year to March 2019).... Read More

Ace-ing The Property Market 03 July 2019

* The 133rd Wimbledon Tournament started this week. Over the next two weeks around half a million spectators will watch some 675 matches, while 23 tonnes of strawberries, over 150,000 glass of Pimm"s and 10,000 litres of ice cream will be consumed.

* At £38 million this year, the total prize fund for Wimbledon has risen by 11.... Read More