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Our own outdoors 27 March 2020

* Garden" was the second most popular search term for prospective purchasers across the UK in 2019 according to recent research, with other amenities such as ‘garage" and ‘parking" also among the top three.

* It is estimated around 90% of UK households have access to a garden and spring is the time to start investing in our outdoor space.... Read More

Thanks a billion mum! 18 March 2020

* Sunday 22nd March marks Mother"s Day in the UK. A survey by GlobalData estimated £1.6 billion was spent celebrating this day in 2019, that"s the equivalent to just over 6,800 average-priced homes.

* At current prices, £1.6 billion purchases over 8,400 terraced or 4,400 detached properties.... Read More

Budget Watch 14 March 2020

* The Chancellor of the Exchequer has delivered a multi-billion spending budget, with significant investment for tackling the coronavirus outbreak and infrastructure improvements.

* The Affordable Homes Programme has received a new £12 billion multi-year settlement, with £1.... Read More

Spring is Springing! 26 February 2020

* Momentum is building across the UK housing market as spring approaches. The ONS (Office for National Statistics) report average property prices are rising in every region of the UK for the first time in nearly two years.

* Property price growth is currently strongest across Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands, with price growth across the capital at its strongest level since October 2017.... Read More

Help to buy tax relief 20 February 2020

* Nearly half a million (464,700) first-time buyers have benefitted from over £1.1 billion of tax duty relief since the First Time Buyers" Relief was introduced in November 2017, each saving on average £2,387.

* Zero tax is charged to first-time buyers on purchases between £125,000 and £300,000, which account for 77% of benefitting purchases.... Read More

Valentines News 12 February 2020

* Buying a home is like falling in love, you can expect to go through the same ups and downs, emotional tugs and pulls, and even similar stages.

* The one that got away, don"t panic, there are plenty more fish in the sea! An estimated 1.2 million residential properties were sold in 2019 (HMRC).... Read More

Renters nest for longer 06 February 2020

* 4.6 million households now live in the private rented sector, and their property is increasingly home for longer.

* Data from the recently released English Housing Survey indicates the average number of years a private sector tenant has been in their current home is 4.... Read More

New buyer enquiries 30 January 2020

* There have been 1.3 million new buyer enquiries in the month since the election (13th December to 15th January), a 15% increase year-on-year according to recent research.

* A 2.3% monthly increase in the price of properties coming to the market was also reported, the biggest monthly surge ever recorded for this time of year.... Read More

New homes registration 25 January 2020

* According to the National House Building Council just 44,361 new homes were registered to be built in the UK in the three months to November, far short of the Government"s target of 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-2020s.

* Across the UK the number of new homes registered to be built was up just 2% year on year, although the West Midlands, London and East of England all saw significant increases.... Read More

The High Street & House Prices 22 January 2020

* New spending aimed at breathing new life into high streets and town centres may well impact local house prices. The government has made a very public commitment to spending money in order to rebalance the economy, a process called ‘levelling out".

* 10.... Read More

Pets at home? 17 January 2020

* 40% of UK households own a pet, yet only 7% of landlords advertise homes as suitable for pets. It is no wonder many people struggle to find a pet-friendly home.

* Research conducted by the Property Academy found that 35% of all tenants would be willing to pay a premium of £40 per month (£50 in London) for a ‘pet-friendly" property.... Read More

Regional property price growth forecasts 03 January 2020

* An average of independent forecasts predicts the average price of a property will rise by 1.8% over 2020 and 15.9%, cumulatively, over the next five years, an increase in purchase price of just over £37,000.

* With predicted growth of 2%, Scotland and the North West are anticipated to experience the fastest rate of price growth over 2020.... Read More