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Stamp Duty cut offers instant saving 01 October 2022

* Stamp Duty has been abolished on the first £250,000 of any property purchase, (up from £125,000), making an immediate saving of up to £2,500 for home buyers. Close to half (47%) of all sales in England over the past year were under £250,000.

* First-time buyers could save up to £6,250, because they will now be exempt from stamp duty on the first £425,000.... Read More

Smart Choices To Reduce Energy Costs 22 September 2022

* Although an annual price cap of £2,500 has been announced for two years, this is still a significant increase on last winter.

* A gas boiler has the biggest impact on bills and buyers may look to reduce costs by choosing well-insulated homes and those which use renewable energy sources or energy-efficient boilers.... Read More

Homes Near Woodland 22 September 2022

* 94% of households within England and Wales are within one mile of an accessible woodland, despite the loss of almost half our ancient woodlands in the last 80 years.

* Access to woodlands isn"t just limited to the countryside. Across built-up areas there are, on average, 5.... Read More

What Do Renters Search For? 14 September 2022

* ‘Bills included" is the most popular search term for renters seeking to find a new place to call home. Renters are keen to have certainty on their monthly outgoings as the cost-of-living squeeze continues.

* While in 6th position in 2021, ‘bills included" has now overtaken those prioritising pet-friendly properties or those looking for outside space, either a balcony or garden.... Read More

Outstanding Ofsted report adds value 14 September 2022

* House prices are significantly higher in the catchments of Ofsted "outstanding" primary schools, even compared to those ranked "Good" in their Ofsted report.

* Average sale prices are 10% higher around a primary school with outstanding status, (based on £ per sq ft and compared with good status), while average rents are 5% higher.... Read More

Home Working? 31 August 2022

* Our homes are still our offices. UK workers are going into the office an average of 1.5 days a week.

* Hybrid working is here to stay. More than 80% of workers said their firms had adopted the hybrid model according to a survey for The Chartered Management Institute (CMI).... Read More

Property On The Podium 31 August 2022

* With British sportsmen and women taking top spots on podiums at the recent Commonwealth Games and the European Athletics and Aquatics Championships, how would property fare against its key competitors?

* Property continues to outperform, pipping gold and UK share prices to the top spot based on price growth over the past year.... Read More

The Coast Is Clear 13 August 2022

* Trips to the seaside are one of the great joys of a traditional British summer. Given that we have over 6,000 km of coastline around England and Wales, it might come as a surprise to know that opportunities to buy a home by the coast are very rare.

* Only 1 in every 200 homes sold in England and Wales over the last 4 years has been located within 100m of the coast – that is equivalent to just 0.... Read More

Help to buy deadline looms! 06 August 2022

* There are less than three months left for First Time Buyers to benefit from the Help-to-Buy Equity Loan scheme. The deadline for new applications is 6pm on 31st October 2022.

* The Equity Loan scheme has helped over 300,000 First Time Buyers take a step onto the housing ladder since it was first introduced in April 2014.... Read More

Do You Have Hidden Treasure? 27 July 2022

* At £14bn the value of unspent paper £20 and £50 notes equates to the equivalent of over 50,000 average priced homes.

* After the 30th September 2022 paper £20 and £50 notes will no longer be legal tender in the UK.
* At the last count the Bank of England estimated there were over 460 million unspent paper notes, over £6bn unspent in £20s and £8bn in £50s.... Read More

Hot Property! 21 July 2022

* The UK has dealt with historic temperatures this week, and although the scorching heat of the housing market is showing some signs of moderating as month-on-month price rises soften, it remains sunny for those looking to buy and sell.

* Rightmove report that buyer demand, while down year on year, is 26% stronger than in pre-pandemic June 2019, with the volume of new sellers to the market up 13% compared to this time last year.... Read More

Completion Day! 14 July 2022

* Friday remains the most popular day to complete on a house or start a new rental tenancy. 40% of all property sales over the past year have completed on a Friday and a quarter of new rental tenancies were started.

* While this may come as no surprise, the proportion of sales completing on a Friday is lower than five years ago, the figure then was 48%.... Read More