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Going For Gold 04 August 2021

* Team GB are bringing home the medals at Tokyo 2020, but property not gold has proved the best investment proposition in recent years.

* The average price of residential property has increased by 46% over the last 10 years, over double that of gold.... Read More

Shortfall in homes for sale 29 July 2021

* According to Rightmove there was a 225,000 shortfall in homes available for sale in the first half of 2021.

* In the first half of this year 140,000 more sales were agreed than the 2014 to 2019 average, and yet homes available for sale were down 85,000, creating a 225,000 shortfall.... Read More

Sticking With It! 16 July 2021

* Research by Rightmove indicates the vast majority of sales will continue if buyers miss the June or September SDLT deadlines.

* A proportion of buyers (25% Rightmove, 42% Dataloft subscriber poll) are likely to renegotiate on price and this may well act as a brake on rising house prices.... Read More

Wimbledon Prizes To Property. 09 July 2021

* The 134th Wimbledon Championships is underway, a suite of new champions set to be crowned in a glorious weekend of sporting action.

* While the average price of a property across England and Wales has risen by 10% since 2019, at £35 million the total prize pot for Wimbledon is 11% lower.... Read More

0% Taxation 02 July 2021

* Nearly half of buyers are still likely to benefit from 0% taxation on their main residence from the 1st July when the Stamp Duty and Land Transaction Tax Holiday price thresholds fall to £250,000 in England and £180,000 in Wales.

* Over the past year, 47% of all homes in England sold for below £250,000.... Read More

Green Space 26 June 2021

* As summer officially begins, gardens and outside space remain priorities on buyer wish lists. Nearly two-thirds of residents wouldn"t buy a property in 2021 without outside space (Rated People).

* Gardens are currently the most sought after property feature for buyers according to results of the latest Dataloft poll of agents.... Read More

Football vs homes 18 June 2021

* Euro 2020 is underway, the home nations experiencing mixed fortunes in their first matches. The most valuable team in the competition is England, the 26 man squad the equivalent in price terms to over 4188 homes.

* Each player in the England squad is worth an average of £44 million, compared to £9 million and £6 million Scotland and Wales.... Read More

First Home Scheme Launched 18 June 2021

* First-time buyers in England, in particular key workers, will have the chance to buy homes within their local area for a discount under the government"s First Home Scheme launched this month.

* The scheme will offer selected new build properties (houses and flats) to first-time buyers for between a 30% and 50% market discount.... Read More

Demand continues to outstrip supply - LIST YOUR PROPERTY NOW! 10 June 2021

* Now is a great time to sell your home as there is a huge shortage of properties available for sale, and house prices are higher than ever.

* Housing market demand is up 28.6% yet available properties to buy are down 20.8% (YTD vs 2020, Zoopla).... Read More

New build premium 05 June 2021

* Attracting a 22% price premium, the average price of a new build home across the UK is nearly £55,500 more than a re-sale property.

* Nearly half of all homemovers would consider a new build property, new build sales accounting for 1 in every 8 properties sold across the UK.... Read More

Flying off the shelves 28 May 2021

* Newly listed properties are flying off the shelves. The majority (78%) of agents in the latest Dataloft subscriber poll said that homes, once listed, are selling in less than 28 days.

* 22% of agents state the majority of homes are selling in less than a week, Zoopla reporting the number of homes selling within the first week of marketing is currently at its highest ever level.... Read More

Rental Market Accelerates 21 May 2021

* Tenant demand is rising substantially. The busy season is approaching.

* Analysis of tenancy start dates based on data from the past 5 years indicates the market starts to accelerate in June, with nearly one third of all tenancies starting between July and the end of September.... Read More