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Who`s buying? 13 January 2022

* The number of first-time buyers grew by 35% in 2021, compared to the pandemic year of 2020, despite the ongoing uncertainty.

* Close to 60% of agents in the latest Dataloft subscriber poll reported that first-time buyers were the most popular type of buyer at present, over twice as many as those who said second-steppers.... Read More

How do you choose your estate agent? 07 January 2022

* Capability and market knowledge continue to top the list of how prospective home movers choose their agents.

* Confidence in ability was rated by more home movers than any other quality. Only 17% included "lowest fee" in their top 5.

* Younger home movers, those aged up to 34, remain more likely to include portals, a low fee and positive reviews in their top 5.... Read More

Sprouts or no sprouts? 23 December 2021

Love them or hate them, the Brussels sprout is a quintessential part of a Christmas meal for many. In fact, the British are believed to eat more Brussels than anywhere else in Europe.
The industry is worth £650 million to the UK. For that, you could purchase over 1,500 detached houses, or over 2,900 terraced properties or apartments.... Read More

Gift Spending In Perspective 17 December 2021

15% of UK Christmas spending in 2021 is predicted to be on gifts, with spend per head expected to be £234, the equivalent of one week"s rent.
Total UK spend per head on Christmas is set to reach £1,275, just over £200 more than the current average UK monthly rent (£1,058 HomeLet).

Source: Dataloft, GlobalData, Homelet Read More

Warm this winter 11 December 2021

Just 1 in every 11 properties sold over the past year has achieved the highest energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of ‘A" or ‘B". Such properties have commanded a 15% price premium over a ‘D" rated property (based on £psf). 65% of homes are rated ‘D" or lower.... Read More

Stay or go – how long do people stay in their homes? 26 November 2021

* Many people move more often than they expect to. This is a key finding of the 2021 Home Moving Trends Survey, conducted by the Property Academy and analysed by Dataloft.

* While just 13% of home movers expect to move within the next 5 years, the reality is that 28% are likely to.... Read More

Creative Spaces 19 November 2021

* Research commissioned by the Creative Land Trust illustrates an outperformance of residential values in areas with a cluster of creative industries.

* Creative industries include all types of artists, screen printing, film making, music, performing arts and rehearsal space.... Read More

Green New Builds 11 November 2021

* As COP26 continues, research by HomeViews has found nearly 70% of new build owners or renters value sustainable building features.

* Recycling services, energy saving measures and renewable energy features were most valued by renters and owners alike.... Read More

Base rate of interest expected to rise soon 10 November 2021

* The base rate of interest is set to rise in the "coming months" as the Bank of England acts to control the UK economy.

* The Bank voted to keep the base rate at its historic low of 0.1% in November, but with inflation 3.1% and predicted to rise to as much as 5% in the first half of 2022, a rise is likely.... Read More

Sales volumes higher 04 November 2021

* The property market continues to ride the wave as we head to the end of 2021. Although softening, demand remains stronger than a year ago. Sales volumes to date in 2021 are 16% above the 5-year average (Zoopla).

*Despite rising inflation and likely interest rate rises, the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility predict price growth will continue, albeit at a more sustainable level, through to 2026.... Read More

Sustainable Renters 22 October 2021

* According to The Property Academy Renter Survey 2021, almost half (49%) of renters would choose their rental property quicker if it had green credentials or a well-being certification.

* Not only would renters choose their property quicker, but around 61% of renters said they would rent for longer if the property had green credentials or a well-being certification.... Read More

Increase In UK Rents 09 October 2021

* July to September is the busiest quarter of the year for the rental market. In a normal year, 32% of tenancies start in quarter 3. This is likely to be higher in 2021, as students and workers return to cities.

* It is therefore no surprise that the UK average monthly rent has seen an annual increase of 7.... Read More