The Shaun Mellor Approach

We’re not here to “process orders” so we won’t view your property as just another “order” or “listing”.

We’re proud to be an advice led business - where you can spend time talking to us about your objectives and we’ll suggest ways to help you achieve them. We won’t badger you or try to pressurise you into using our services. In fact, we’ll advise you to shop around and….

Always get three valuations

We’ll advise you to obtain three independent valuations when thinking of selling your property. However, we’ll also tell you not to let the valuation be the deciding factor over which agent you choose to go with.

A valuation is a recommendation, so if you wish to market the property based on the highest valuation you’ve received, you can still ask the most capable agent to do this. If we think your property won’t sell quickly because the valuation is too high, we’ll be open and honest with you.

What’s important to you?

We understand that everyone’s unique with different objectives and a one size approach doesn’t fit all. We think its important our customers know that not all Estate Agents work in the same way.

The Traditional Agent

Some agents (typically the larger ones) may employ listers. Their job is to “win” business and they’re usually targeted and incentivised on the number of properties they “list”. Other members of staff called Sales Negotiators will then organise viewings and follow up with potential buyers to get feedback.

Properties can often sit on the market for a long time and it’s a well-known fact in the industry that some agents may use tactics such as over-valuing property to help win business and achieve targets set by hungry senior management.

A tell-tale sign is usually the number of reduced properties an agent has listed. The reduction may be presented in a positive way but ultimately, a property which has been on the market for a long time and reduced in price is could be considered negatively by prospective buyers.

The Online Agent

Online agents may “list” your property for a set price and fees are typically payable in advance. Additional charges often apply if you want them to do anything over and above this. If you’re thinking of using an online agent, we recommend checking their terms and conditions thoroughly and also ask yourself the followings questions: -

“What incentive do they have to sell my property if I’m paying a fee in advance?”

“Will they want to help me navigate the legal process once a sale is agreed?”

Ready to sell your property?

Here’s what we’ll do for you

We’ll work hard to sell your property for the best possible price, in the shortest possible time. We'll be transparent and upfront about our fees, helping you to make an informed decision with no surprises. We also work quickly so your property will typically be on the market within 48 hours from photography.


We're very passionate about what we do so we’ll showcase your property in its best possible light by having it professionally photographed and with brilliant floor plans. We can also create some fantastic videos and brochures to hand out to potential buyers. If you’re looking for a bespoke service, nothing is impossible with the technology we have available to us.

Accompanied Viewings

We also understand that not all home owners are comfortable showing prospective buyers around their home so we’re more than happy to accompany all viewings on your behalf – at no extra cost!

Our Team

Our team live in Morley and surrounding areas and we're very passionate about where we live! We pride ourselves on our quality of service and professional but down to earth approach. Local knowledge is something you can’t put a price on but it's free at Shaun Mellor Property.

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