Rise In Length Of Tenancies

Date Published 17 June 2022

* Findings from a landlord survey by Rightmove indicate a change in renter behaviour against a backdrop of record rents and rising household bills.

* Over the last year, 20% of landlords reported a rise in their average length of tenancy, with the most common average tenancy period being over two years (63%).

* Many landlords have recognised the challenges of rising household bills for renters, with the majority (63%) choosing not to put up rents. This is despite there being triple the number of enquiries than available properties.

* Analysis of 20,000 build-to-rent listings revealed that the feature which has seen the largest increase in renter demand is to have ‘all bills included', at +36%.

Source: Dataloft, Rightmove (survey of 1,300 landlords)