Average Commutes Rise For Renters

Date Published 20 May 2022

* Traditionally, those living in private rented homes have tended to live close to their place of work. This is often a lifestyle choice to minimise commute times/cost and to enjoy city living.

* Across England and Wales, the distance renters live from their place of work has risen by 31% since the pandemic, from 19 miles to 26 miles as hybrid and remote working have become options for many.

* The pandemic caused many to reassess their work/life balance and consider living in locations further from their place of work. Over the last two years, renters living in the North East have travelled the furthest to work (44 miles), followed by those in the South West (38 miles).

* Renters living in the capital live the shortest distance from their work at an average of 17 miles. This has increased by 4 miles compared to the pre-pandemic average.

Source: Dataloft Rental Market Analytics